On sunny days when you’re excited to take a dip in your pool, jumping in can be a bit of a shock. The initial jolt caused by a blast of cold water can deter you from fully enjoying your swimming experience. That’s why, since 1978, Roark Solar has been at the forefront of pool heating technology to keep Sarasota residents comfortable. Our solar heating system harnesses the power of the sun to provide a reliable and eco-friendly way to heat your pool, so you can enjoy a comfortable swim whenever you want. Keep reading and get a free estimate to learn more!

Sun rays in blue sky

Capturing the Sun’s Energy

Solar pool heating starts with solar collectors, which are typically installed on the roof or in a sunny area near your pool. These panels contain a network of tubes through which pool water is circulated, allowing it to absorb the sun’s heat and gradually warm up before returning to the pool.

underwater shot of a pool

Moving the Water

The pool pump plays a crucial role in the solar heating process by circulating the pool water through the solar collectors and back into the pool. This continuous flow ensures that the water is evenly heated, providing consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout the pool.

Top of water in a pool

Regulating the Flow

To optimize the efficiency of the solar heating system, a control valve is used to regulate the flow of water between the solar collectors and the pool. Connected to a thermostat, the valve diverts the water away from the collectors when the desired temperature is reached, preventing overheating and promoting energy savings.

Sunlight reflected in water

Maximizing Efficiency

In some solar heating systems, a heat exchanger is employed to maximize efficiency. This device enhances the heat transfer process, ensuring that the pool water is heated quickly and effectively, even on days with less sunlight. By improving efficiency, the heat exchanger reduces energy consumption and promotes sustainability.We believe in making green living accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Roark Solar’s pool heating systems offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to keep your pool warm and comfortable no matter the season. If you are ready to make the switch to eco-friendly pool heating, contact us today!

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