Hayward offers two entry level pool automation systems, the OnCommand and E-Command  automation controls. The state of the art AquaPlus automation system includes a salt chlorination system with both automation and pool sanitation and much more in one unit.   Each system can be used with a variety of remote control devices by connecting a receiver to the base unit.


It doesn’t matter how simple or elaborate a pool is, they’re all made to relax in, not work on. These systems replace your mechanical time clock, electrical on/off switches, thermostats and manual valves.  This allows you to manage your pool, spa jets and blower, actuated valves, dual thermostats for a solar heater, pool gas or electric heater, variable speed pump, and other water features such as waterfalls and automatic pool cleaners automatically or with the touch of a button. Each system automates up to four features, 3 valves, heater and solar controls.

Already have an electrical subpanel or do not need one and need to replace your time clock, antiquated air switch for a pool/spa system, or solar control, choose an OnCommand system. Need an electrical subpanel for your pool equipment? Choose the E-Command 4 which includes an integrated subpanel which operates as its own breaker box. Both systems will operate an existing salt chlorination system.

The Aqua Plus simplifies and enhances pool and spa ownership by combining the above automation and salt chlorination. This all-in-one solution is easy to operate with many more options from which to choose. The Aqua Plus package contains two main parts: an Aqua Plus automation unit and an electronic Turbo Cell for salt chlorination. The Aqua Plus can control water temperature (solar, gas, and electric heaters) with dual thermostats and heating extend features, filtration cycles (daily/weekly: time of day/duration), spa jets, water features and variable speed pumps.

The Aqua Pod remote is the simplest and most common remote control. The Aqua Pod is a 6 function, waterproof, full function programmable remote. This remote is extremely simple to operate with the push of a button, much like a remote garage door opener. This control allows you to take control indoors, poolside or right in the pool.

A wireless 6-Function Tabletop unit is suitable for indoor or protected outdoor locations. This unit allows you to operate the features of the automation unit remotely. The wireless unit requires a charging cradle since like a cell phone it is in constant communication with the main automation system.