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Solar electric systems are a great way to create electricity and to save money on your power bills. Our state-certified company has been working with solar energy in Sarasota and Manatee counties since 1978.

Learn how solar electric systems work and decide whether it is right for your home. Call us to schedule a free estimate: 941-924-3016.

There are two basic types of solar electric systems. Stand-alone versions are usually used in remote homes, recreational vehicles, cabins and telecommunication systems – in simple words, areas where electricity is not readily available. These systems use batteries to store the excess electricity for use when sunshine is not available.

The more common type grid-connected solar electric systems are connected to the power company’s electric grid. This mutually beneficial solar electric system creates power from the sun; any unused electricity is reserved for you on the electrical grid. Often, the power company will then credit you for that power, which means you can actually make money on your solar electric system. Certainly, the converse is true, though – when there are times when there is no sun, you will use the power grid’s electricity. With Florida’s large amounts of sunlight, though, this is less likely to happen than in areas where sunlight isn’t as plentiful.

In addition to the savings on your energy bill, there are myriad other benefits to having a solar electric system installed in your home. For one thing, they can dramatically increase your property value. Potential home buyers will see the solar electric system as a way to save money on their power bills, and if they are environmentally conscious it may even sway them toward your home.

Plus, since there is no cost to reaping the sun’s light, you are basically making free energy. Sure, there is the initial cost having a solar electric system installed, but over time the savings you will reap from not having to get your energy from the utility company will pay for the solar system installation – often in just a few years. Plus, once it is set up it requires little to no maintenance.

And let’s not forget about your contribution to saving the environment. By using a solar electric system to power your home, you are drawing free energy from the sun as a renewable resource and therefore not using fossil fuels and helping to decrease carbon emissions – thus creating a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, because of such efficiency, you should talk to us about whether you can qualify for a federal tax credit.

Some areas may not do as well with solar electric systems as we do here. But in a state known as the Sunshine State, it is clear that solar energy is an ideal option for reducing utility bills and the effect on the environment.

Examples of the savings from having a solar electric system installed

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