1. Why should I want my pool heated?

You probably bought your pool for many reasons like family fun, entertaining friends, exercise, those quiet relaxing moments or perhaps even for therapeutic reasons. You spent a lot of time making the decision to invest in a quality pool, furniture, fencing, and accompanying items that go along with a pool. You are therefore expecting to get the most use of your pool. But if your pool is frequently too cold to swim in comfortably, you are not realizing the full benefit of your significant investment. Solar pool heating can often triple your pool season, keeping your pool over eighty degrees for all but the coldest months.

2. How well does a solar pool heater work?

Solar energy is just another fuel with which to heat your pool. A properly designed solar pool system can achieve the same results as other fuels. On days when you can relax comfortably in a bathing suit at poolside, but the water is too cold for swimming, solar energy can heat your pool to a temperature comfortable for swimming.

3. Can I use my solar pool heater to heat the water in my house?

No, your house uses potable water (drinking water) which your utility company prohibits you from contaminating with any other water such as swimming pool water

4. Is a solar pool heater simple to operate?

Yes. Most systems are completely automatic and are as easy to operate as any fossil fuel heater as well as compatible with the latest in pool automation technology.

5. Do I need a pool cover with a solar pool heater?

No. a solar pool heater will heat a pool ten degrees warmer than an unheated pool (or you can use the gulf as a reference). In the coldest months the addition of a cover will let you heat your pool an additional five degrees (15 degrees warmer than the gulf).

6. Do the solar collectors have to face south and be mounted on the roof?

Not necessarily. Though generally solar collectors are roof mounted, they should be installed where they can be in the sun a good portion of the day. Depending on the angle of a mounting surface, east and west facing systems can function equally as well.

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