Solar Hot Water Systems
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Solar Hot Water Systems

A solar hot water heater is the world’s most efficient appliance whose time has come. Solar hot water heating gives you and your family more hot water while at the same time reducing energy costs by up to $1,000 per year to heat water for showers, bathing, dishwashers, and laundry machines for a family of four. Imagine what you could do with that money! Switching to the free and abundant energy of the sun makes money sense as well as earth sense.

In our three decades of installing solar water heaters, we have never seen a better time to install one. Prices are competitive, energy-efficiency is leading edge, the federal government offers a 30% tax credit and Florida Power & Light gives you a $1,000 cash rebate.

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Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems

How Much Will It Cost?

We don’t try to keep this a mystery. It is no secret that a solar hot water heater eliminates a huge electricity cost. So much that with today’s federal tax credit and the Florida Power & Light rebate it pays for itself in five years or less. Providing hot water to a house uses three times the total amount of running a refrigerator, lighting, cooking, and all your other home electrical appliances combined. It is 30 to 40 percent of your annual electric bill. Only your air conditioning uses more electricity.

Solar Hot Water Systems

What Makes A Solar System So Environmentally Friendly?

Solar Hot Water Systems

Won’t The Price Of Solar Water Heating Come Down?

Today’s technologies are at the theoretical limits of efficiencies. There is no little black box, just around the corner that will heat your pool, make your hot water, run your air conditioner and generate all your electricity. And the price for this little box at your local hardware store is $999.00.

The price of a solar heater is very material and labor intensive. It is made from:

Which do you expect to come down materials, labor, or inflation? One of the biggest financial incentives for purchasing a solar water heater is to protect you from future Florida Power & Light rate increases.

Why Has There Never Been A Better Time?

State and Federal governments, along with Florida Power & Light, are doing everything they can to encourage energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy sources. The cost of design, permitting, and building new power plants far exceeds the costs associated with reducing our enormous appetite for electrical energy. Most homeowners in Florida are unaware that our demand requires us to import electricity from Georgia. And as the population of Georgia grows, they have less of a surplus of electricity to sell us. The cost of building new power plants and a declining supply, while the population of Florida continues to swell, leaves our state with no alternative to reduce our consumption of electrical energy and increase the use of renewable energy sources. This is why we see our federal, state, local governments and Federal power & Light promoting the change to renewable energy now, before the lights start going out.

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