Solar pool heating is a very mature technology; thousands of solar pool heaters have delivered trouble-free operation in Florida since the late 1970s. A quality solar pool heater will keep you swimming in a warm, comfortable pool for the next 15 to 20 years. All solar heating systems work on the same principle as a garden hose sitting out in the sun.  A swimming pool holds several thousand gallons of water; small temperature changes require large amounts of energy. Heating a swimming pool on the Suncoast costs more than heating a typical house up north! Solar pool heaters usually require a large solar surface area: typically 80-100 percent of the swimming pool surface area.

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The concept of using solar to heat your pool is very simple and even easier to operate. A solar pool heater is simply an extension of your existing pool equipment and will never run out of fuel. Investing in a solar pool heater allows you to have your own heated pool with no noise, no air pollution, and no moving parts while using a clean, renewable resource. Solar Pool Heating is the most efficient use of solar energy. Under optimum conditions over 97% of the sun’s energy is converted directly into energy to heat your pool.

The process of how a solar pool heater works is quite simple. Cold water is pumped from your pool using your existing pool pump. The pump then pushes the water through your pool filter where it is cleaned. The filtered water is then diverted through the many tiny tubes in the solar panels where it is warmed by the sun and then returned to the pool giving luxuriously warm water and plenty of extended swim time. When the pool has reached your desired comfort temperature or there is no solar energy available, the diverting valve simply turns to the bypass mode and your pool operates as if no solar system existed.

A solar pool heating system is not perfect. It cannot heat your pool to eighty degrees at night or when it’s raining and the air temperature is below fifty degrees with a twenty mile an hour wind blowing out of the north as is common during our winter months. If you are comfortable outside in a bathing suit, you will have a warm comfortable pool. If you need a sweater or flannel shirt and the doors to your house are closed and the heat is on, you’re not likely to go swimming without a wet suit. A properly designed solar pool heating system will keep your pool ten to fifteen degrees warmer than an unheated pool.

In the cooler months if you use a solar pool cover, the pool will maintain its temperature overnight further extending your swimming season an extra month at the beginning and end. People with solar pool heaters only use a solar blanket at the beginning of the spring heating season and the end of the fall heating season if they want to maximize the return on their solar pool heater.  A solar system on the Suncoast will keep your pool comfortable nine to ten months per year depending, of course, on the weather.

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There are three major types of swimming pool heaters: Solar, Gas, and Electric. You will find a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these heaters along with their capital and operating costs under the Pool Equipment section.

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