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Solar swimming pool heaters are among the most cost-effective uses of solar energy today. Our Florida sun is free and the supply is abundant. If you are already using a gas heater or electric heat pump and replacing it with free solar energy gives you significant utility savings for as long as you are in your home. In addition no one is ever concerned about the cost of turning a solar heater on. Saving money while saving the environment is a win-win choice!

Solar swimming pool heaters make sense – and the cents add up quickly – in Florida.  Call 941-924-3016  or click here for a free estimate!



Consider what you invested in your pool. Yet, without a pool heater, your pool investment is only comfortable in the hot summer months. For eight to nine months of the year, pools are generally below eighty degrees. This is Florida! To get the full value out of your pool, you want to use it whenever you are comfortable in a bathing suit, for swimming laps, relieving stress and just getting out in the sun and fresh air. Your pool will be warm and comfortable for all but the coldest months of the year.


Solar collectors on the roof absorb the heat of the sun. The water pushed by the pool pump is filtered and then diverted by a valve, sending the clean pool water to the solar collectors on the roof where it is warmed and then returned to the pool. The sun’s energy is free and abundant in our climate. Even on cloudy days, as anyone who has gotten sunburn knows, a solar pool heater is still able to heat your pool with the same ultraviolet rays that gave you that sunburn. The rays of the sun don’t go away; they pass through the cloud cover to continue heating your pool.


Gas heaters generally need to be replaced every 4 to 6 years. Electric heat pumps don’t last much longer, perhaps 5 to 8 years, provided you are using them in the spring and fall. They both have two years warranty and should be serviced annually. Aquatherm Industries solar panels have a full 100% 12 year warranty and can last 15 to 20 years. In simple terms you would buy two fossil fuel heaters and your solar heater would still be under warranty!


Unlike gas and electric heaters, pool owners are not afraid to turn their solar heater on. They usually set it to a warmer temperature. And except for the coldest months, a solar blanket is not needed to save money, only the free solar heat gathered during the day, keeping your pool warm overnight. Solar allows you to swim in a pool that was previously too expensive to heat or too frigid to use A real incentive to enjoying your warm, comfortable pool investment.



Solar swimming pool heaters do not pollute. They reduce demand for electricity, which cuts carbon emissions from power plants. No trucks burn gas to bring propane to your house. The net effect is that you are saving more oil in a year than if you pulled your car off the road. Solar power allows you to swim in a pool that was previously too expensive to heat and too frigid to use Solar power allows you to swim in a pool that was previously too expensive to heat and too frigid to use

In Florida, our Solar Access Law prohibits a condominium or homeowners association to prevent you from installing a solar system on your roof facing within 45 degrees of due south. You have a right to install a solar system.