Welcome to the 21st century pool. For years, pools were only about appearances. There was very little interest in the work, cost of owning and operating a pool. It was like buying a car without looking under the hood at the engine.

With the new Florida Building Code in effect, pool builders must now be concerned with what is under “the hood.” All new pools must leave enough room for a future solar system between the filter and the first valve or fitting. New pools must be installed with a variable speed pump which can save up to 90% energy savings over the typical pump installed in the past. New pools must be built to prevent entrapment.

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Historical pool/spa combinations require you to turn on the pump, a series of valves and then the heater in order for you to use the spa. This procedure is repeated when you finish using the spa. Now it’s all done with the touch of a button. All of this is easier than operating a TV remote. Automation offers much more than operating a spa. It controls your variable speed pump, pool salt sanitation, a solar heater, and other pool devices. In fact, some new advanced systems now allow you to monitor or operate your pool, spa, sanitation, and heaters with a smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Pool automation ensures the pool operates at maximum efficiency, while offering all the modern day conveniences we have learned to expect in our cars, phones, and houses.

Entrapment is a very dangerous concern for children as well as everyone else. Entrapment prevention must be engineered into any pool suction device. This prevents someone from being injured or drowned if caught in any suction device such as a main drain or side wall cleaning connection.

Pool sanitation is more and more being directed to “salt machines” (Electronic Chlorine Generators) as opposed to traditional chlorine pool tablets or liquid chlorine (bleach). Combined with an in floor cleaning system, the only thing left for you to do is clean the filter and check your chemicals, something your pool store will be happy to do. How much will you save without a pool service that shows up once a week for ten minutes, if you so desire?

Gas heaters have become more efficient. The new forced air heaters with electronic ignition systems (which eliminate gas wasting pilots) have dramatically increased gas heater efficiency while becoming more environmentally friendly with Low NOx emissions, now required by many states. Gas heaters are still the best choice for a spa.

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Swimming pool electric heat pumps are becoming a favorite option compared to gas heaters for heating a pool. Although not as fast as a gas heater to heat a pool, they use up to 75% less energy to keep the pool warm. These new heat pumps offer superior efficiency by using the new R-410A refrigerant required for all new home air conditioners. Combine this with an acoustic cover to minimize sound level, titanium heat exchanger, and an Ultra Gold corrosion-resistant evaporator fin, makes a heat pump quieter and last longer

A gas heater or electric heat pump when installed with a solar heater becomes a solar hybrid system. The primary heater is the solar heater and the secondary heater is used as a “kicker” on those days, due to extreme weather conditions if the solar heater cannot maintain the desired temperature heating the pool the final few degrees, without breaking the bank.

What does all this mean if you already have or inherited an old inefficient pool? Now is the time for you to upgrade your pool with a variable speed pump, adding salt to your pool for superior sanitation, automation for comfort and energy efficiency, and for warmth a proper heater such as a solar, electric heat pump or high efficiency gas heater. Start enjoying your pool without being a slave to it.

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