Solar Water Heating
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Solar Water Heating Sarasota, FL

Solar water heating gives you and your family more hot water while at the same time dramatically reducing electricity costs. An average family of four spends up to $2.75 per day or $1000 a year for heating water for showers, bathing, dishwashers and laundry machines.

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The financial facts: Hot water heating is the second largest user of electricity in your home. Providing hot water for the average home uses three times the amount of energy as running a refrigerator and other appliances; it uses more than 30% of your annual energy costs. By comparison, running your refrigerator and all other major appliances only requires 10% of what you spend annually on utilities.

The performance superiority of solar water heating: If you have ever run out of hot water after two people in your home have showered; if you have ever postponed a shower because the dishwasher needs to run; if you consider that an average electric water heater only holds about 20 minutes worth of water – then you will immediately see the top three performance benefits of solar water heating.

Solar Water Heating
Solar Water Heating

The system is designed to hold 24 hours’ worth of hot water. The chances are slim that you will ever run out of hot water.
When the power goes out during one of our Florida storms, you still have hot water. Solar panels heat water hotter than the top electric setting. Yet there is a valve engineered to protect you against scalding.
During periods of extended cloudy weather, a quick recovery electric element will supply you with hot water.

The environmental superiority of solar water heating: A medium sized car driven 12,000 miles averaging 20 mpg and an electric water heater supplying 80 gallons of hot water per day, both consume the same amount of energy. Heating this water is free, while the car’s gas is not!

On average, after FP&L rebates and Federal tax credits, a solar water heater pays for itself in utility savings in less than 3 years. With these incentives and the rising cost of labor and materials (copper, aluminum, glass, etc) a solar water heater will never cost you less than now. Which do you think will come down, labor, aluminum, or copper?

The benefits don’t end with utility savings

Tax savings: Upgrading to solar water heating qualifies you for a 30% federal tax credit (not a deduction)
No sales tax: Your solar purchase is exempt from Florida sales tax
No rate increases: You are protected from never ending utility rate increases
Reduce your carbon footprint: Solar water heating produces zero carbon emissions
No pollution: Solar does not pollute the air or water
Decreased dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels

For over 50 years, solar water heating has made more sense in Florida, the Sunshine State, than in any other state. Call 941-924-3016 or click for a free estimate!

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Solar Water Heating