Salt Systems
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Salt Systems for Swimming Pools Sarasota, FL

Salt Systems for swimming pools eliminate the need for using harsh, chemically produced chlorine to sanitize your pool and spa. In the Sarasota and Manatee county areas, we can quickly and easily install a salt system for a new or existing pool or spa.

Don’t want to fuss with liquid or tablet chlorine to keep your pool or spa sanitized? Let us install a salt system to do it for you. Call 941-924-3016.

Florida has notoriously hard water, which is not good for pools and spas. But ordinary salt can be used in a salt system to create a self-regenerating supply of sanitizer that keeps your water clear, clean and incredibly soft. Isn’t that better that exposing yourself and your family to chemicals?

When you use traditional chlorine, you have to follow a careful routine to monitor and keep the levels where they should be. Instead, a swimming pool salt system converts common table salt into chlorine to keep your pool and spa water free from bacteria.

Salt Systems
Salt Systems

The salt system uses what we call a Turbo Cell™, a patented converter that is connected to the control unit. Water passes through the Turbo Cell, and a safe electrical charge converts salt that had been previously added to the water into sanitizing chlorine that is released into the pool or spa. So why is this solution so economical? It only takes one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water to keep your entire pool or spa safe – no expensive or harsh chemicals to buy, no worries about making sure the levels are correct. You can use ordinary table salt that you would buy at the grocery store, or solar or water softener salt. Most distributors sell their salt in 40- to 80-pound bags.

Because of the low operating costs, salt systems quickly pay for themselves, and there is really no maintenance required for them. Plus, you don’t have to deal with that potent chlorine smell.

Not that you plan to drink your pool or spa water, but we’ve often been asked whether the use of salt will make the water taste salty. The answer is a resounding no. In fact, the salt concentration in your pool or spa is 1/10 the amount that you would find in a tear drop. You can even challenge anyone who is using your pool to do a “taste test,” and they will see they can’t even detect the salt on their tongue.

And because salt systems eliminate the need for chemical chlorine, you can open your eyes under water without having them burn the way they would in a traditional swimming pool. Plus, it won’t irritate your skin the way traditional chlorine does. Certainly you’ve noticed that over time, your swimsuit fades from the chlorine. With salt systems, this won’t happen, either. All of these issues are caused by what are known as chloramines, a chemical compound that is a byproduct of traditional chlorine. When you use a salt system, these chloramines are continually oxidized, meaning the chlorine won’t be an irritant.

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Salt Systems

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